Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Hello 2023

The other day I wrote a look back on 2022 which was a very good year. Today I want to take some time to look forward to 2023 and what I hope the year to be.

First and foremost I hope 2023 is a more intentional year than 2022 was.

We learned in 2022 that we shouldn’t have to travel to be happy. The requirement to do so is, rather than a positive thing, a sign that something probably isn’t right at home. I want to build on this in 2023 and hope we can at least figure out where and what we want our home to be.

We have not been happy in Florida for quite a while. That isn’t a secret. For a few years my New Year’s resolution has been to move and that isn’t completely changing for 2023. I don’t know if finishing a move is realistic but we absolutely can work on finding someplace we want to move to. Now that we’ve realized we want to be more local this is an even bigger goal for us. With luck we’ll travel to Portugal in the spring to see if it could be home for us. I have high hopes.

Beyond finding a new home I hope to work on Kana and this site in 2023. Kana has a lot of things I want to add to it to be more useful for my own work and it has been a while now since I’ve done any real work on this site and I want to change that by updating the design, listing my book collection and a few other goodies. I also want to expand into new content such as some video posts and more tech content which might even mean splitting the site into two, one personal and one tech, at some point.

I also hope to spend 2023 experimenting with more self-hosted and other tech to get me out of the Apple ecosystem once again. Notice the goal isn’t to change anything, not yet, instead I’m going to find ways to make other solutions work for me and my family so we can move to more ethical and sustainable tech at a pace that works for all of us.

I hope to also build on the walking habit I’ve built over the last two years and make a daily habit of more exercise, probably light weights, to supplement all the steps.

Finally, I want to stop gamifying everything in 2023. It’s worked to help me read more, build a blogging habit, and walk over 4,000,000 steps last year but the gamification has become the only reason for too many things. This year I’m not setting ridiculous reading goals and not worrying about missing a day in anything else either. Like travel I want my activities to also be intentional and to do that I need to escape the games I’ve played in the past.

So now it’s time to stop worrying about what I cannot change and work, actually work, on the things I can change in 2023. Here’s to hoping my recap of the year will show a much healthier approach to a lot of things that moves us both closer to where we want to be.