Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

I need to stop worrying about my tools

If there is one truth to me and my relationship with tech it is that I will never be satisfied. As I’ve written about a lot lately, I’m actually pretty comfortable with all the Apple tech I have currently. It works for me and, more importantly lately, it works for everyone I need to interact with. Life should be good right?

As much as I want to say “this works, let’s move on,” I still keep shopping for something better. I miss Linux and Android, both the UX of Pop_OS! and my Pixel phone as well as many of the features of my Pixel that just felt more polished, especially when working with other people.

The catch is, while I did prefer an awful lot of my experience with Linux and Android over Apple I have to remember two things. First, that it wasn’t perfect either. For every frustration I have with something in my Apple setup, I had at least 1 frustration with the alternative as well. Second, the most usable setup for me with Android and Linux was when I had most of my day-to-day apps and data in the Google ecosystem. While Apple is quickly becoming as bad as Google with respect to data privacy I don’t believe jumping from one to the other is a great idea.

So as I shop Linux laptops again I find myself needing the reminder that I will never find truly ethical tech that works for me and my family and every tech, even big tech like Apple and Google, isn’t perfect and comes with plenty of frustrations.

Maybe I can finally get this through my head and start using my tools to build stuff instead of worrying about the tools themselves.