Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Summer is Back

It’s back to 81F/27C inside our house.

For the last week the temperature had dropped enough that it was cool inside and out. For our walk in the morning we were as low 12C/54F for a couple of days this past week and it was wonderful.

It was, however, also a bit early here to see such temperatures and today we’re returning back to normal.

When we moved here, even though we had lived in the South for quite some time already, people liked to tell us that we would get acclimated or even enjoy the heat. They were wrong.

Joy loves it. July and August, when the weather news is warning people not to go outside, is Joy’s favorite time. That said, she is always so cold that it is safe to say something is wrong. Her bout with anemia last fall, which landed her in the hospital for 2 days, seems to confirm that theory.

For me, the summers are absolutely miserable as is the house when it jumps to over 80F like this. I have no energy, I don’t want to do a whole lot and I generally spend 8+ months of the year feeling horrible as there is absolutely nothing I can do to cool down.

I guess the good temps were nice while they lasted. They’ll be back in a month or two and, hopefully by then, we’ll be a lot further along in selling the house and on to somewhere we can both enjoy again.