Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Let’s Go

I’ve been off on vacation all week. It’s been the perfect week to reset and relax and work on some of my own code and, at least so far, I haven’t let it go to waste.

For all I’ve accomplished, though, I have found one kink in my current tech stack. I bought this iPad thinking I wanted it solely to write with and not code. For the most part that’s still true but now I do find myself wanting to do some code on it anyway, namely a Hugo site I’m working on to go along with my current side project.

I guess it all goes to prove that I’ll never be happy with any my tech no matter what I do. I’ve been dancing around this fact for a while now but it’s time to start dancing and start doing.

There is no perfect tech. Apple and Google are both shitty companies and an all-FOSS tech stack doesn’t work for my family. That said, while Google does tend to have better data, Apple’s devices all working well together is still the right model for me. It’s time I stop constantly looking over the fence and just start getting things done.

Let’s fucking go.