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It’s time to start self-hosting (again)

Remote Work Tips From a Career of Remote Experience

I don’t know if I want to return to the point where I’m managing all my essential services on my own again but I can’t deny I miss working with self-hosted apps.

Just over a year ago I was self-hosting replacements for nearly all big-tech and using independent services for as much of the rest as I could. While I enjoyed playing with the tech the simple problem was that I don’t work in a bubble. In other words, it isn’t just my own tech that I need to worry about as I support the tech for my wife and my parents and the alternative services I considered “neat” were anything but to everyone else.

It was a lesson learned. Today, while I can’t go back to as many self-hosted services as I had then, I am ready to jump in with a limited selection starting with an RSS reader.

I’ve been using Inoreader for about a year since I shut my last server down. It was cheaper than nearly all the cheapest servers and has worked OK. I miss FreshRSS though. It was fast, simple and really worked well. On top of it, an RSS reader gives me the chance to jump back into self-hosting without having to worry about losing anything important. That sounds like the biggest win of all to me.