Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

How Much Is Enough?

From news to travel to social media to food and so much more, how much is enough?

With gas prices rising I’m listening to so many folks I know talk about how they couldn’t possibly drive less even though they work from home. I look at others buying ever bigger homes, more stuff, more trips, more everything and listening to them talk as if they’re doing the bare minimum they need to survive.

I really think 1/2 of America believe the world will end if they can’t replace their car every couple of years or if they couldn’t take their monthly trips. What will it take to change this mentality?

For most of my adult life I’ve tried, and often failed, to cut back on my own consumption and waste. It’s not easy and our modern media, with its 24/7 message to consume more, doesn’t make it any easier. How can we do better?

The simple fact is that we, as a society, must do better. We must do better for ourselves and, more importantly, we must do better for future generations. Can we before it’s too later?