Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Dreading the Endless Summer

The Simple Struggle

When I was a kid I started counting down the days to summer right after Christmas Break ended.

When I got out of college I thought I wanted to live somewhere where Summer is endless and, up until long after moving here to Florida, I would have told you it was the weather that I looked forward to most.

For the last 7 years Summer has been endless and now I realize how wrong I was.

I now remember hating actually going outside in July or August, even in Chicago, because it was too hot. I remember the parts of Summer in Panama City Beach where we wouldn’t step outside from 10:00 am until about it 7:00 pm because of the heat.

Most of all I remember being grateful for being out of school and then hating the heat yet, today, I’ve moved to a place where that heat will be starting in just a couple of weeks and will last until around November.

Now I know that it was never the Summer weather I looked forward to, just the break from school. While I wish I had figured this out 20 years ago I’m grateful for this realization today. It means we can better plan for where we want to live next and I can’t wait to get away from the endless Florida summer.