Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

A Welcome Break During Bad Times

I’ve never been much of a fan of TV. I can’t really remember many shows from when I was a kid and, as I’ve gotten older, I couldn’t even tell you what most shows are, much less have I seen them.

During COVID I’ve actually tried to watch more TV but I just can’t get into it. We do watch a lot of movies but I rarely can make it to the end of anything without losing interest. Instead I’ve primarily turned towards books and music to occupy my mind and my time.

As much as most TV doesn’t work for me, there have been two exceptions. Contrary to my normal view of TV, Ted Lasso and Rick Steve’s Europe have somehow managed to capture my attention and give me something to look forward to. While we’ve slowly made our way through Rick Steve’s Europe at our own pave I’ve never lost interest, a miracle unto itself and, with Ted Lasso, I’ve gone through both seasons not once, but twice. The second viewing we even binge-watched both seasons over 3 days with my parents, something I’ve never done before.

In both case the shows are good hearted and leave me feeling better than when I started, and, most important, no one is murdered and they’re not full of vices for the sake of vices (at least in Ted Lasso’s case). I’ve enjoyed Ted Lasso so much I’ve even downloaded the soundtrack on Apple Music and find myself listening to it regularly as it is one of the most calming albums I can remember in years.

The world is a dark place these days. Sometimes the best escape can come from the least expected places. I would’ve never have expected to find my favorite escape in TV shows but I’m glad I have. What are your escapes?