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The Perfect Phone Does Not Exist

The other day I wrote about being back on the iPhone for a year now. For now, iPhone works for me. It isn’t my first choice though.

iPhone is over-priced, closed off and far too intrusive for my privacy. That said, I have no good alternative. This leaves me wondering what would make the perfect phone today? If I could have any features at all, what would they be?

The perfect phone is no phone at all

The perfect phone is an impossible wish as to me the perfect phone would be no phone at all?

Why do I still need a phone? Because I still leave the house and, at some point, I would like to go back to travel.

At one point in my life I could stop in nearly any store and buy a local map. I could plan ahead for things like meals and attractions with a good guide book and I didn’t have to worry about occupying every minute.

Those days are long past and, because of that I still have to have a phone because we’ve made it so that any and every solution to a problem while traveling requires a phone to function.

If I want to get from the airport to my hotel I need a ride share app (at least in most cities). If I want to check in to anything I need to do so on an app or mobile website. If I want a map a paper one might not even exist if I don’t order it weeks in advance.

Because of this need to travel the perfect phone doesn’t exist for me. It is for that reason that I consider the iPhone as good enough for what I need today.