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Regular Blogging – 5 Months Later

In July I started posting on this site three days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As the year ends I think it’s time to revisit that. Is it worth keeping up the pace? How can I improve the concept? What is the point?

There’s a lot to unpack with a blogging schedule. For the most part I’ve really enjoyed writing more and keeping content going regularly. On the other hand, as with any similar project I sometimes feel like I’m just keeping it going for the sake of keeping it going and that the content suffers as a result. Here’s a breakdown of how I think it’s going after 5 months. As we go into the new year I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic as well.

The benefits of regular blogging

On the positive side I think blogging regularly has been a wonderful outlet for me to express my thoughts on topics and ideas I don’t otherwise get to explore. It has helped me grow both professionally and personally by making me think about what is on my mind and then taking those thoughts and putting them into words.

I’m not the greatest writer. I make no claims otherwise. To get better takes practice and I think this has been, for the most part, one of the best parts of me writing regularly. I can see some changes to how I write happening and that alone has been absolutely worth it for me.

The problems with regular blogging

As much as blogging has helped me grow, it hasn’t all been easy. I often feel like my topics are forced, even as I get better at actually finding topics to write about.

I also often feel like that act of meeting my 3-pos-per-week goal means my writing is more forced than I would like it to be. Rather than a well researched product many posts are quick thoughts and disjointed ideas put to the screen without much planning.

While blogging has not, at least yet, become a chore to me I do sometimes think I’m trying too hard for quantity over quality and that this misalignment shows in my work.

2022 and beyond

When weighing the pros and cons I think it is in my own best interest to keep trying at regular blogging for at least the next year. The focus now, however, will shift from just getting posts out to trying to be more deliberate with the content itself.

Today I try for three equal posts a week and I rarely have more than one that I’m working on at a time. I want to change that. With three posts a week I think I can move to at least the occasional longer piece, something that I need to research and really spend some time on.

I can still write like I have been but that’s not all I have to write.

In another year, then, I’ll take another look at where this site and my writing is going and decide if I should keep it going beyond that. As long as I’m enjoying it though, I want it to keep going as long as possible.