Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Does Gutenberg Work For You?

I’ve become comfortable with Gutenberg as of late. For my basic use case of text and a few extras it works great.

While my bubble might be relatively small, I do think I’m more in touch with WordPress professionals than most, particularly on Twitter. Here the reaction to Gutenberg (or the block editor if you want to talk about the stable version) is very different. A handful of folks seem to love it but it seems like most people hate it.

While undoubtably some of this hate comes from a lack of willingness to change, dismissing those who hate it as a whole, as I’ve seen plenty of, isn’t helping the situation.

I’ve seen so many tweets on its lack of stability and usability from WordPress professionals who have been building sites for years. These aren’t folks who are just dismissing it for the sake of change but professionals who do understand how WordPress and its editor work. In other words, these are the people who should be its biggest champion in the community and yet their experience with the new editor has been nothing but problematic.

So here’s my question: does Gutenberg (the block editor) work for you?

The comments are open and I’m really curious to see what y’all think about it.