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Three Projects For When I Have A Laptop Again

Last week I ordered a new MacBook Pro. It’s not here yet but that hasn’t kept me from planning a few projects I’ve wanted to work on for a very long time.

A WordPress plugin to replace Goodreads

I’ve been on Goodreads since 2010. Over the years it has proven incredibly valuable at helping me keep track of what I’ve read and what I would like to read. As someone who doesn’t watch much TV, that isn’t an easy thing to do.

My biggest problem with Goodreads is that it is owned by Amazon and shares way too much data. While there are a few alternatives none of them make a lot of sense to me as a WordPress developer. It’s time to make a plugin to help me track my reading the way I would like to.

Of course I could do most of that with a custom post type or two but that isn’t enough. I like to see some of the data on what I’ve read (how many pages, how many books/time period, etc). As I put it all in WordPress I’ll be able to get all that data as well as share it in ways that simply aren’t possible with other solutions.

A WordPress plugin for speaker gigs

Similar to keeping track of my reading, I also want a good plugin to keep track of all the events I’ve spoken at over the years, complete with analysis, sharing and more. I actually had a pretty good version of this before I moved to Hugo but that is long gone. Time to build it out better than before.

Sustainable self-hosting for me and my family

Finally I can’t wait to get started on a new self-hosting solution, this time with my family’s needs in mind. Last year I had most of the services I wanted running but there were just too many issues in sharing, maintenance and more. Ideally this project will allow me to go bak to Linux at some point while still being able to communicate and share data easily with family member who need it.

This is only the beginning

While these three projects are high on my priority list I have so many other things I look forward to working on again, always with the long-term goal of supporting small, ethical technology over the privacy nightmares big-tech has bestowed upon us today.

What are you building?