Stepping Back From NextDNS

I’ve been using NextDNS for almost two years and it has been wonderful in blocking ads across all the devices we have only. Our ISP caps our data at 1TB and we come close to it ever month. NextDNS alone had dropped our overall bandwidth usage by nearly 8% across all our devices and it blocked up to 20% of all connections from many of the devices connected to our network.

After months of internet issues I’ve had to remove it.

Up until this summer everything worked with the blocking but that is no longer the case. Lately most devices seem to have numerous connection issues that were quite difficult to troubleshoot.

I suspected it might be DNS last week and decided to try switching to a less-restrictive upstream provider (currently using for this test). Low and behold, everything is mostly working again which means, at least until I have a proper laptop and can do more experimentation, that I’m back on a DNS platform that is less private and will not help prevent tracking.

This is why we can’t have nice things.


  1. Wait, you have a 10mb upload limit and 1TB of bandwidth in a month? Either one would be terrible for me but I end up using 5 – 7TB a month of bandwidth. Most of it is for uploading my YouTube videos but 3 kids streaming stuff eats some bandwidth as well.

    I thought getting cut back to 75/25 with a coming move would be back (currently at 1000/1000) but I can live with 75/25 since it’s unlimited.

    • Ha. Yeah, 10mb upload and 1TB data caps are all I can get here. It’s ridiculous but, Florida.

      Thankfully we don’t do much with video, watching or sharing, so we can do our work with the limitations we have but it is super frustrating.

  2. Crazy that data cap is a thing in these days. For me it’s 3TB upload and 1TB download basically every month, gladly that whit no data cap and costs 6 euros.
    For dns, switched to adguard home (docker), didn’t had any problems.

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