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Announcing Atlas Content Modeler

Announcing Atlas Content Modeler

This past Monday my team released the results of six months of work on our latest project. It’s a WordPress plugin called Atlas Content Modeler that makes it easy to model data in a way that is designed to be friendly to both publishers and developers while being geared, first, to headless WordPress sites.

This is exciting for me. It’s the first new WordPress plugin I’ve been a part of on in at least 5 years. It’s also special as this one has been a very new kind of work for me as it relies heavily on React instead of just PHP.

While I would like to say I’ve been involved with the project since the beginning, that is not the case. I joined the team in June after the mission of my previous team, improving eCommerce for WordPress, came to an end. These last few months have been a great learning experience I’ve been fortunate enough to share with a great new team and I couldn’t be more excited for what we have planned for the next few months and beyond.

Give Atlas Content Modeler a try. It’s a whole new way to look at your WordPress content.