Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Development Is More Than An Internet Search

There is a common misconception in the tech community that likes to equate professional tech work as nothing but tying together a bunch of internet searches until you get a product.

While well-meaning, in most cases, I hate this take. It does nothing but undercut the years of experience it takes a professional developer or other tech worker to properly hone their craft.

Yes, we all search for things and we’re all continually learning. Whether you’re a developer, a writer, a doctor, a lawyer or a professional in any other industry, research is a part of your world. That’s a good thing. What is unhealthy, however, is assuming that the accumulated knowledge attained over years and decades is worth no more than someone doing a few minutes of searching to slap something together.

If you work in tech you are a professional. If you’re at a senior level in tech, or even a junior level at most firms, your position is the result of both some luck and privilege but also dedication to grow and get better at your craft. Getting on social media and referring to that experience as nothing but a string of searches discredits that experience both for yourself and for anyone else in your profession.