Comments are Back

When I moved this site to Hugo back in 2019 I was forced to turn off the comments. At the time I justified it with a bit of gymnastics but, in truth, I missed them. I’ve since lost all the good conversations that had taken place on the site over the years.

Today I turn comments back on. Each new post, and existing posts going back 90 days, now have comments enabled by default. With a bit of luck this will help return some of the conversation and context that had otherwise been lost from years past.

As a result of re-activating comments I’ve also updated my policies page for the change with notices of new policies centered around comments and the associate spam protection.

There’s been a lot of debate on the usefulness of comments these past few years and it has become rather fashionable to turn them off. That said, even in the days when this site would pick up 20,000 page views in a day, I never had a problem with moderation or spam. Here’s to hoping that trend continues!


  1. Congrats on enabling comments on your posts, Chris! I’m a fan of comments, but I know many people who turn them off. Like you, comments encourage conversations with your followers. Here’s to more good conversations!

    • Thank you, Deborah!

      And thank you for the first comment on the new system (though I think you had some on the old version which I am so sorry I have lost).

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