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I Have a New WordPress Site

I have a new site in WordPress

As much as I enjoy writing about Hugo my day job, and most of my career, revolve around WordPress. That said, it’s time I ran something else in WordPress again and I found the perfect candidate for that. This site is about technology, development and all the topics that make up my professional life. That type of writing, as I’ve learned time and time again, doesn’t mix well with personal and other posts. As a result I’ve spun up a second blog in WordPress,, where I can write about anything.

There is a level these days where I do in fact think there are better writing tools out there for many blogs than WordPress. That said, I do still enjoy the community and, lets face it, I still make my money from it. That said, this new site will help me keep up to date on things like Gutenberg and other developments while giving me an outlet to write about whatever comes to mind at the moment. I’m looking forward to it.

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Chris is a Senior Software Engineer devoted to improving the developer experience for WordPress developers of all kinds. His work focuses on the intersection of development, privacy, ethics and usability of software and development to help improve the lives of everyone who uses the modern technology.

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