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3 Reasons Why I Don’t Write More

Keeping up with writing has been a point of contention for me for quite some time. While I’ve managed to start nearly 100 posts or more I just never seem to publish anything. After a lot of reflection over the last few months I can say, without a doubt, that there are precisely 3 reasons I haven’t been writing like I want to.

  1. I don’t make the time for writing.This is pretty simple, ideas are great but until I actually follow them up with words they mean nothing. It is up to me and me alone to make the time for writing and if it is a real priority for me I need to start doing so.
  2. I don’t make the time for writing.Yep, this one again. Picking up the computer and updating something or posting on Facebook is not writing a blog or anything else of note. If I’m going to get back to writing regularly it is time to start using this computer as a tool and not just the project itself.
  3. I don’t make the time for writing.Bet you never saw that coming at this point, right?

Here’s the thing. I simply haven’t made the time over the last two or three years to write like I would like to. While I could make 1,000 excuses as to who the real reason is quite simple. I don’t make the time to take my ideas and put them into words. This is something I need to do much better at.