WordCamp London 2017

Today I have the honor of returning to WordCamp London, which I haven’t attended since 2013, as a speaker. I’ll be giving a talk this afternoon on practical encryption that covers the basics of what encryption is, what it does and how it can be used in some of our every day communications. If this is a topic that interests you check out the slides below. Should the talk be recorded I’ll add the video here when it is available.

I also went to send a special thank you to Eric Mann and Paul Gilzow who both reviewed my slides with some very helpful feedback this week.

About Chris Wiegman

Chris is a Developer of UF Health at the University of Florida where he works on solutions to improve the lives of students, faculty, staff and patients. In past roles he has served as a teacher, blogger, manager and even an airline captain. He resides in Florida with his wife Joy and their four-legged children.

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