Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

When Will Your Website be Responsive?

One of my priorities lately, both on this site and others I work on is to make my all my websites responsive.

For those of who who aren’t familiar with responsive design in the past, if you wanted a mobile version of your website you used add-ons, themes, and other tricks to create a completely different version of your site for mobile users (take a look at this site on your phone to see what I mean). These methods change the user experience and create all sorts of challenges for users that may be using different kinds of devices etc.

Now, enter responsive design. A responsive website responds to the browser it is being displayed in and rearranges data in each browser to give the user the most consistent, most applicable experience possible. For an example take a look at in your browser adjusting the width of your browser window from very wide to very narrow. See how the information and even the background image changes? This is responsive design and ensures that the information your users can get on their laptop or desktop is the same information they can get on their tablet or their phone. In short the design responds to the user’s needs rather than the information responding to the user’s device.

So here’s my question for the day? Are you planning on making your site or blog responsive? Please answer the poll below and let’s talk about our plans in the comments? How are you going to make your site responsive? Have you encountered any specific challenges?