Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

How do you handle writer’s block?

I’m at something of a loss today. I actually can’t think of anything to talk about (much to the surprise of those that know me I’m sure). This doesn’t mean I don’t have blog topics, my draft queue will hit 3 digits soon, it just means that I can’t seem to put words on the screen for any of those topics.

When your blog is something for which you have to come up with the topics, the ideas, the words, and everything else as opposed to being assigned a story to write about I think it really makes the work a bit harder. Add to that the fact that us amateur writers do not have the experience or toolkit that our professional colleagues have getting our thoughts out of our heads and onto a screen can really be a challenge. That said, I’m curious about how all of you for whom your blog is not your full-time job handle the periods when the words you need escape you.

So here’s my question, how do you handle writer’s block? What techniques help you build a post when you put your fingers on the keyboard and nothing happens?