3 Reasons Why I Stopped Using CommentLuv

Why I stopped using CommentLuvCommentLuv, a comment system for WordPress that promises to build comment traffic to your blog, has been getting a lot of press lately. If you haven’t used it you’ve probably seen it. It is the options added to the comment system of WordPress blogs that links to a previous post, adds a Twitter link, and adds a checkbox to protect against spam. When I started with it the features seemed pretty cool and I thought it would help build this site.

So why is Bit51 no longer using CommentLuv? There are actually 3 reasons:

1.) It didn’t do anything to increase traffic

First and foremost CommentLuv did nothing to increase my traffic or help me build a community. I’ve experimented with turning it off and on with no change to traffic and slightly fewer comments when its turned on. The latter I’m pretty sure is mostly due to the spam checkbox that folks just miss.

Looking at other big sites I follow, in particular TentBlogger which has built an excellent community without CommentLuv I decided it was time to eliminate the plugin and build comments the old-fashioned way. That is, with interaction rather than the gimmick of promising a link to their post (which, I might add, I have no control over).

If the primary selling point of your plugin is to build comment and blog traffic and you can’t deliver than I’m not going to use your plugin.

2.) Constant updates that tend to break

This was the final straw for me. It seemed that every time CommentLuv released another update (sometimes several times a week) something on it or other parts of my site would break. It was common to spend 20 minutes or more updating what should work with a single click and this seemed ridiculous to me.

An update about two weeks ago was it. After updating, again, CommentLuv kept prompting me for username/password for activation and kept telling me I didn’t have permission to access its options. I’m tired of fussing with it. As it really doesn’t do anything for my site anyway it was time to cut my losses.

I know how plugins work, I’ve written a few of them myself, and when a single plugin causes as much headache as CommentLuv was causing me it isn’t work it.

3.) It’s 90% marketing and 10% function

This is another big one for me. I’m tired of the daily sales emails from the CommentLuv staff. I know what your plugin does. That’s why I installed it.

I think a lot of this one comes back to point one. CommentLuv’s developer must keep selling to keep those like me interested as the functionality of the plugin, at least in my case and I’m sure that of many others, simply doesn’t live up to the promise.


CommentLuv may be perfectly fine for some, but for me it just isn’t worth it. I’m tired of reading their propaganda and fixing problems that arise during upgrade for a plugin that simply doesn’t live up to the promise.

About Chris Wiegman

Chris is a developer for UF Health at the University of Florida who has been working on WordPress since 2008. Over the years he built one of the largest security plugins on WordPress.org as well as numerous other plugins, themes and other solutions. When not coding Chris loves to teach and has presented at numerous WordCamps and other conferences as well as taught computer security for St. Edward’s University and other University courses ranging from computers to aviation.

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  1. I find your test results interesting, when commentluv was active vs inactive…Did comments placed on your website go away when you finally uninstalled it completely???

    Thanks for sharing your experiences… 🙂

  2. I was very interested in adding commentluv to my blogger blog, where I am using disqus now. The only reason for that is the fact that Disqus is by default a nofollow system where commentluv is by default dofollow. However I am at the moment even having problems loggin in to comluv.com. Compared to Disqus it looks all a bit…less userfriendly. And if it is true that it doesnt build more traffic than there is no reason to make the switch anyways.

    Do you think making your commenting system dofollow increases comments?

  3. Nope, deleting commentluv doesn’t delete any of your comments. In fact, it leaves some of the extra commentluv information in your database. What will change is your comments will no longer display the twitter link if it was turned on.

  4. The jury is out on the ‘dofollow’ question. Personally, I allow dofollow links here and it hasn’t been a problem however others will argue strongly against it.

    How has your experience with Disqus been? In the past I’ve used livefyre and Disqus but the login requirements have discouraged folks from commenting.

  5. I havent been able to test Disqus fully, but it looks really nice, is very easy to use and customize and incorporates several different ways to share and spread comments through social media instantly. It also imports all your past comments, so you dont loose any of your content.

    I thought this was great, but the nofollow thing really bugs me. I can easilly change this with a script, but I know 99% of the other blogs using Disqus will not have changed this, which discourages people from commenting on blogs using Disqus. Even if you enable dofollow, people will still think your blog is nofollow when they see the Disqus interface.

  6. That’s a good point with regards to other blogs. If everyone already thinks it’s no-follow then they will not assume your site to be any different.

    Have you checked out LiveFyre? They have an excellent interface but I’m really not sure if links are no-follow or not.

  7. It’s nice to read someone else’s opinion of the service. I have only recently started using commentluv on my own blog, but I’m already in two minds about it.

    Firstly, the ComLuv website has no real community or directory of users. So it’s not that easy to find other people who use this plugin straight away, particularly those with similar interests or topics. There are ways, but it seems almost a hassle. (http://www.chadnicely.com/locate-commentluv-blog).

    Secondly, the very nature of Commentluv seems to me at least to encourage users to spam under the disguise of “genuine” comments. There are lists of high PR websites using the plugin available online from a variety of sites that suggest commenting on these will help generate more traffic than those with a lower PR. Of course, a lot of these will/may not have anything of interest to you or be relevant to your own work, but we all want more visitors. To benefit from this, you will have to comment on such other websites to get the link to you last entry. So now, you are almost limited to the sites you will comment on in order to benefit you the most. My concern, is that I will find myself commenting out of necessity, much more than genuine interest in the article, just to get that linkback…

    I’m not entirely sure just how different this is from actual spam commenting… even if it is more “niche”.

    I’m going to write this up in full over the next day or so and throw it out there to the masses.

  8. Man! I wish I read your post before I bought it. Just yesterday I bought it and I am reading this today. Darn!
    I came to your website searching for CommentLuv User directory. Its pretty depressing to see my $s going down the drain. But lets see. I will give it a kick for atleast 1-2 months.

  9. Hi.. how to add commentluv on thesis theme without plugin?..
    Im dislike using any plugin.

  10. Nope. That is one of the nice things about commentluv in comparison to other comment plugins. As commentluv just adds to your native WordPress comment system you won’t lose anything.

  11. It shouldn’t matter really, do you really want commenter’s who don’t care for what you write or don’ provide proper engagement with other commenter’s anyway?

    Just for the sake of appearing to “be more popular”

    1. Hi Zeeshan,

      You seem to be quite knowledgeable about CommentLuv. I have seen sites that use CommentLuv in conjunction with a Google+ comments plugin successfully. Would you know if it’s possible to offer both CommentLuv and Disqus at the same time? Just curious.

      – Cole

  12. Personally each has their own pros and cons. One thing I got to say about using it is that … it is rather worry-ful since on every comment, people are able to link out to their websites. This means that it could create lots of outbound traffic. Hmm..

  13. I’m currently using Livefyr and as I see so many commentluv out there, I’ve decided to do a little research and came upon your site, Chris. Thank you for the info.

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