Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Never Publish Anything Immediately

Just a short post today to remind everyone of one of the biggest mistake anyone can make on their website.

Never publish any content, to a blog, page, or any other part of your site, immediately.

For most of this I think this is probably self-explanatory yet the number of blogs I read every day with major editing errors is still rather amazing. There really is no good reason to publish any work after just typing it out on your keyboard. Ideally, you should come back tomorrow, read it through, make necessary edits and then publish. If you’re in a real hurry at least step away for a break or have someone else edit your work for you. It doesn’t take much to reset your train of thought to a point where you can read your content from a more objective point of view.

Remember, if nothing else your blog is an example to the world of your ability as a writer. As such whether you’re writing novels, how-to posts, or even quick rants on news or other topics your skill will be directly measured by your audience by judging how well you write. If you don’t make a good impression on this most basic of fronts you’re going to have a much harder time making any real progress in your writing whether as a job or a hobby.