Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

5 Things I’d Like To See In 2010

  1. More Adobe support for Linux
    I love my Ubuntu, but as a web developer it can’t be the only computer I work on due to it’s lack of support for Photoshop. Sure there is Wine and other hacks to get Photoshop working, but it doesn’t compare with the native environment on my Mac. In addition, although Adobe reader is handy, having Acrobat pro would be nice for the times when I have a form or some other document I want to do more with than just print to PDF.
  2. Easier enterprise functions with Google Apps
    We love out Google Apps, we would just like a few more features to help out around the office. Better contact management and task list support would go a long way.
  3. More Android Apps
    As the platform is relatively new on the mainstream market this shouldn’t be a problem, however I’m going to list it here anyway as it could make my phone a whole lot cooler.
  4. Less Reliance on Flash
    As with Android development I think the writing on the wall is there for this as well. I would just like to not have to install Flash player on every browser I use in order to do basic web browsing.
  5. The Death of IE 5/6
    I’m tired of having to make sure sites work with old versions of IE. ‘nough said.